From broad sector research to regional analysis to data specific to your organization, choose the level that works best for you. 

IMPACTS Experience manages the National Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study, which is believed to be the largest ongoing survey of perceptions and behaviors surrounding cultural institutions in the United States. At over 280,000 respondents strong (and counting) and with the help of valuable foundation and university research partners, IMPACTS Experience leverages its sophisticated data science expertise and related technologies to get to the heart of key trends impacting both exhibit and performance-based visitor-serving organizations. The research can be organized to address engagement challenges and inform solutions for cultural organizations by region, organization type, demographics, and myriad other criteria and dimensions. We love working closely with individual organizations to inform their data-driven strategies, from feasibility assessments to pricing studies and more.

Want in? In addition to workshops and speaking engagements, there are four ways for us to develop a relationship and aid in making data-informed decisions.