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If you’re looking to contact me, please use the form below. I travel a great deal and I will do my best to respond within the week. I’m not going to pretend that I get the volume of messages of even a D-list celebrity (Ha!), but I get enough that it takes me several hours each week to get through it. I do not currently use the aid of an assistant in managing these messages, as it’s important to me to connect with readers individually. Thank you for your patience!


Speaking or workshop interest

I enjoy participating in strategic conversations, presenting keynotes, leading workshops, conducting class lectures, and working with great organizations as my schedule may allow! Please fill out the form below and I will say hello and reply with my Speaking Information Form as an email attachment. The Speaking Information Form includes general information about my fees, and is incredibly helpful as a means of introducing me to your organization.


Media inquiries

I try to reply to these messages as quickly as I am able, as I understand that there is often a time crunch. If our schedules to align, I’m usually happy to talk data and industry trends, and provide helpful information. That said, I do not share data regarding individual organizations without appropriate permissions – even if I’ve made it clear on this website that IMPACTS is tracking metrics regarding a specific organization.


Quick question or comment

I do my best to reply to the questions and comments that I receive, and I enjoy connecting with thoughtful professionals who are thinking critically about cultural audiences. Want to say hi? Share a recent, data-informed win for your organization? Tell me how much you enjoy thinking critically about best practices within your organization? Lament the difficulty of industry-wide evolution? I love it. Please hit ‘submit’ on the form below.

Heads-up: I am not able to provide “quick advice” for specific organizations about specific projects. I need to diagnose before I can prescribe, and that takes more information than a quick email. Also, I’m not able to write papers for students. (Hilarious try though, guys!)


Promoting a product or service? No thanks. I don’t advertise on this site. I also don’t accept guest posts from entities looking to promote their products or services. I get a great deal of these inquiries, but they don’t align with what I do or why I do it. Please do not contact me for these purposes.


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