IMPACTS Experience delivers high-confidence data and unparalleled expert analysis to clients who serve the cultural sector. Our innovative data science and predictive technologies yield the types of business intelligence and data-informed best practices that define a best-in-class visitor-serving organization. We work with cultural executives and leaders with the inspiration, vision, and daring to look to secure and sustain the future for their organizations. These leaders – our partners – are obsessed with excellence, motivated by results, and seek to minimize the emotional subjectivity and guesswork that all too often misinforms our business and mission ambitions.

As a Premium Elite Partner, you will gain priority, exclusive access to data, analysis, insights, trends, and research specifically tailored for your unique organization.

A Premium Elite Partnership is exactly that – a partnership.

From quantifying annual optimal admission and membership price points, to identifying and overcoming barriers to engagement, to understanding constituent behaviors and improving welcoming perceptions and intentions to visit, we work with our Premium Elite Partners to ensure that they have the knowledge, insight, and tools they need to make the best, most fully-informed decisions to secure and sustain the future vitality of their organizations. We work with our Premium Elite Partners at every level of an organization – from Board leadership, to the C-suite, to senior management, to the talented staff tasked to implement an organization’s strategies, IMPACTS Experience provides proprietary business intelligence to complement your staff’s expertise.

More than a list of benefits, our relationship with our Premium Elite Partners is ongoing, reliable, and timely. As a Premium Elite Partner, your organization will have exclusive access to the most relevant data, business intelligence, and expert analysis available in the service of the cultural visitor-serving community. Foremost among the exclusive benefits of partnership is continuing, full access to the Know Your Own Bone website featuring subscriber-only data-informed articles and analyses and new subscribers-only data twice a month for up to 100 organizational users.

As a Premium Elite Partner, IMPACTS Experience will help your organization:

  • Understand how your organization’s perceptions and performance contextually compares with other industry members
  • Optimize your admission and membership-related revenue via the conduct of an annual pricing study
  • Stay informed of emerging trends through multiple workshops featuring research specifically tailored to your organizations
  • Keep up to date and in the know with dedicated, priority access to the IMPACTS Experience team
  • Develop data-informed market potential and audience acquisition analyses to inform your financial planning and budgeting processes
  • Share knowledge and expert analysis via full KYOB+ subscription access for your staff and board

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