IMPACTS Experience works with visionary leaders at many of the world’s most prominent and successful cultural organizations who value high-confidence business intelligence and expert analysis to inform their strategic planning and operational decision-making processes. Our Premium Members value data-informed planning processes, trend identification that lends context to their situational analyses, and believe that while it’s important to understand the perceptions and behaviors of current audiences, it’s paramount to understand the thoughts and motivations of persons who have yet to visit as they may hold the key to long-term revenue and mission success.

Our Premium Members are interested in removing the guesswork from methods and means to educate and inspire audiences while leading thriving organizations. A Premium Membership with IMPACTS Experience provides an organization with exclusive access to proprietary data science technologies that help remove subjectivity and emotion from planning processes by providing more specialized trend research. From tracking perceptions of art museums in Dallas to aquariums in California to zoos in Indiana to historic sites in Virginia to symphonies in Boston, our Premium Members are empowered with specialized market research based on their organization’s unique type and region. We work with our Premium Members to provide proprietary business intelligence to complement your staff and board members’ expertise in the support of establishing data-informed best practices for your organization.

Our relationship with our Premium Member organizations is ongoing, reliable, and timely. As a Premium Member, your organization will have exclusive access to the most relevant data, business intelligence, and expert analysis available in the service of the cultural visitor-serving community. Foremost among the exclusive benefits of partnership is continuing, full access to the Know Your Own Bone website featuring data-informed articles and analyses and new subscribers-only data twice a month for up to 50 organizational users.

As a Premium Member, IMPACTS Experience will help your organization:

  • Financially plan with more specialized market potential (i.e., attendance) analyses customized for your organization’s region and visitor-serving sector
  • Prepare for and understand the most pressing trends impacting your organization’s goals of mission execution and financial health
  • Strategically apply data and analysis via expertly facilitated workshops featuring research specifically tailored to your organization’s current condition
  • Optimize the onsite experience for constituents
  • Develop programming and engagement strategies contemplative of and responsive to emerging market opportunities
  • Respond to key questions with annual Q&A sessions and priority access to the experts at IMPACTS Experience
  • Share knowledge and expert analysis via full KYOB+ subscription access for your staff and board

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