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What’s the benefit of trend data?

This information helps organizations understand not only what their constituents are doing, but also why they are doing it, and how those reasons may change over time. Between the National Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study and the ongoing monitoring of 224 visitor-serving organizations in the United States, we have a great deal of near real-time data. This data can be queried in a multiplicity of ways that extend beyond the capacity of more traditional survey methods still largely used within the visitor-serving industry.


Why is this data unique within the visitor-serving industry?

IMPACTS Experience is constantly in-market collecting information about how people make decisions and why. This data is primarily gleaned through the National Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study, believed to be the largest survey of perceptions and behaviors surrounding cultural organizations in the United States. Not only does it have a high sample size (340,000 and counting!), the NAAU is designed to be representative of the United States population in terms of demographics, psychographics, and behavioral attributes. The same percentage of respondents are from Michigan as the percentage of the US population, to give a very basic example. This allows us to understand the US population with high confidence and statistical significance.

Additionally, IMPACTS data is largely informed by a process known as “lexical analysis.” Instead of asking participants to choose survey responses, we pose open-ended inquiries and advanced technologies then categorize and weight responses. Answers are informed by the words of survey participants themselves.

Read more about our data. 


What kinds of institutions does IMPACTS Experience monitor?

IMPACTS conducts ongoing data collection efforts around 224 visitor-serving organizations in the United States. These organizations range from various museum types to zoos, aquariums, theaters, botanic gardens, parks, symphonies, and other performing arts entities. Monitoring these organizations helps us spot trends and allows for deeper dives into visitor behaviors and perceptions when considered alongside the National Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study.


How often is the research updated?

The NAAU is continuously in-market, meaning that new responses are being added all the time. To ensure a representative sample that meets a 95% or higher confidence level, analyses published on KYOB are most typically current through the most recently completed quarter of the calendar year. Research shared in January, February, and March will generally cover the entire calendar year preceding the date of publication or presentation.


What data do Premium and Premium Elite organizations receive?

Premium member organizations will receive data for their region and/or organization type, while Premium Elite partner organizations will enjoy access to data specific to their institution where applicable.


Can we add on workshops to subscription levels?

Premium and Premium Elite organizations receive half-day virtual workshops as part of their annual benefit complement. Learn more about our workshops. 


How does payment work?

Individual and Enterprise subscribers may pay directly through the KYOB website. Our payments are processed by Stripe via To adjust payment settings or subscription preferences, please visit your Account page. Premium and Premium Elite organizations will be invoiced directly.


Why does “KYOBPlus_Subscription” and/or “IMPACTS Experience” show up on my billing statement?

KYOB+ subscription payments will appear on your billing statement as “KYOBPlus_Subscription.” Know Your Own Bone is published by IMPACTS Experience, a private company delivering actionable, real-time market research data to clients in the cultural sector. Colleen Dilenschneider is IMPACTS Experience’s Founder and Managing Member.


My organization is now a Premium or Premium Elite partner! When should we plan the workshops with you?

Once a partnership is established, Premium and Premium Elite organizations will work with IMPACTS Experience to determine a scope of topics and a schedule responsive to your organization’s interests, needs, and challenges.


How do I add subscribers to my Enterprise, Premium, or Premium Elite subscription?

Account administrators for Enterprise, Premium, and Premium Elite subscriptions can add, update, or remove subscribers by visiting the Subscriptions menu on their Account page. Click Sub Accounts to find options to invite additional subscribers to the account by manually entering the new user’s information or by sending a signup invitation email with the link provided on your account page. (Need help? Let us know.)


What access will my organization have to IMPACTS Experience leadership at different levels?

Individual and Enterprise subscribers will receive invitations to join virtual Q&A sessions with IMPACTS Experience leadership, where they can ask questions about published research and data as well as submit ideas for future articles. Premium member organizations will have face-to-face time with IMPACTS via two virtual workshops per year and a private Q&A session, while Premium Elite partner organizations will receive three workshops per year, a Q&A session, and priority communications access via IMPACTS Experience staff.


My organization is not in the United States. Can we get data for our region? 

Although the research published on Know Your Own Bone primarily features US data, IMPACTS Experience is in market in select international locations around the world. International organizations in the Premium or Premium Elite will receive data cut for their region or specific organization, respectively, via workshops and reports. Please send us an inquiry to see if we have data available for your area!


Why isn’t this website free anymore?

We’ve loved helping the visitor-serving sector by providing it with high-confidence data at no charge for over a decade. But publishing free market research also comes with limitations on the level of detail we can include and the topics we can explore. And we hear you! You want more of it – more data, more reports, and more research specific to the myriad organization types that collectively comprise our industry.

Now, with the move to KYOB+ and support from our amazing audience, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to go deeper into the data, ask bigger questions, and connect more directly with all of you.


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