We stand with our Black partners, colleagues, leaders, subscribers, friends, and all affected by recent (and not so recent) unconscionable actions. You matter, your voices matter, and your contributions to the cultural sector matter.

We’re not posting a new article this week as usual. There are many voices that need to be heard on a more regular basis. Here are but four of many initiative-leading voices/platforms (not affiliated with a specific institution) who deserve to be added to your “follow” lists and have the volume of their voices/initiatives amplified on an ongoing basis:


Kimberly Drew 

Her new book “This Is What I Know About Art” was released just this week, which reminds readers that “the art world has space not just for the elite, but for everyone.” Pick it up! Drew was previously the manager of social media at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and left to pursue creative projects. Now, she’s a curator, writer, and social media activist championing Black artists and the Black Lives Matter cause. Follow and support her on Instagram and Twitter.


Museum Hue

Museum Hue fosters social cohesion, well-being, and economic impact that arts and culture offers creatives and communities of color.” You’ve probably seen co-founders Stephanie A. Johnson Cunningham and Monica Montgomery at a conference or two – and for good reason. Museum Hue represents a cultural movement that cultivates opportunities for creatives of color. You can follow them on Facebook for pressing news to help support this community. A great way to start? Make a donation.


The Incluseum

The Incluseum advances new ways of being a museum through dialogue, community building and collaborative practice related to inclusion in museums.” This isn’t an individual, but instead a resource run by a group of thinkers with collaborators of various backgrounds. This resource posts articles surrounding the issue of inclusion in museums. From issues on uncovering white supremacy in museum work to a particularly helpful resource list for further exploration, this site highlights important topics and asks hard questions.  Follow them on Twitter to join the conversation.


Donna Walker-Kuhne

Walker-Kuhne is a thought leader with a goal to increase access to the arts with years of doing so (and a background on Broadway, to boot). She is a recognized expert on growing multicultural audiences through workshops and an active speaking schedule. If you cannot get out to see her, you can benefit from her wisdom on this podcast episode with Capacity Interactive. Her 2005 book “Invitation To The Party” is a shelf-staple for how to think about cultivating new audiences and make them feel welcome.