We have access to data, folks! In fact, we have access to a lot of it – and we want to use it to help your organization better understand audience perceptions, expectations, and behaviors.

I enjoy giving data-driven keynotes, talks and presentations. My colleague and I also conduct half and full day workshops pulling data relevant to individual organizations.

With this data, we can help your organization get to the heart of understanding audiences. Here are some examples of the kind of information that we can provide:

  • Why past members to cultural organizations in Dallas decided not to renew their memberships
  • The top barriers to visitation for millennials to science museums
  • How much more likely people in Pittsburgh are to visit an art museum than the average American
  • The rate at which zoos are losing visitors and who they need to attract to replace them
  • Why annual donors in San Francisco discontinue giving to cultural entities
  • The best thing about a visit to a botanic garden
  • The most effective ways to increase visitor satisfaction onsite for historic sites
  • Why people with interest in orchestras do not actually attend

And much, much more…

Our goal in sharing this data is to make market research accessible to visitor-serving organizations at more affordable rates than may otherwise be possible.