We can share insights on visitor perceptions and help you to cultivate a data-driven cultural organization.

My colleague, Jim Hekkers, and I partner with cultural organizations to create half day, full day, and board leadership workshops that focus on key trends facing organizations. Our aim is to bring data and information that helps them tackle strategic challenges, and to present the data in a way that is engaging and thought provoking.


Formats and pricing

Our interactive workshops explore your area(s) of interest with data cut specifically for key demographics or audiences (your region, likely visitor profile, and organization type). Half- or full-day workshops are designed for professional staff and organization leaders, while board workshops engage board members to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the institution.

We treat our engagements as partnerships. Prior to the workshop, we will request a conversation to better understand a group’s goals, challenges, and priorities – and work with an organization to create the most helpful agenda. We then bring trend data to help address these challenges and inform strategic decisions. We’re delighted to customize workshop topics based upon key questions, challenges, or areas of interest for your organization.


Workshop topic areas

Thanks to the breadth and depth of National Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study, we are able to cover a broad range of topics. Items on the Know Your Own Bone website provide a sense of the kind of information that we are able to pull and provide. Topics are not limited to those highlighted below. However, these are the most popular topic requests.

  • Key trends facing specific, cultural organization types
  • Perceptions and awareness of organization types within a region
  • Overcoming cognitive biases to become a data-driven organization
  • “The Visitor Engagement Cycle”/How to motivate visitation
  • Understanding barriers to visiting a type of organization within a region
  • How to activate inactive visitors and engage new audiences
  • Understanding inactive visitors (those who report interest but do not attend)
  • How to increase reputation
  • Membership and giving trends
  • Technology and how potential visitors use information channels
  • How to elevate onsite experiences


About the Data

The primary source of the data that we share comes from the National Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Study (NAAU) – an ongoing, in-market survey of 121,000 individuals. The study was originally funded in partnership with the David and Lucille Packard Foundation and is believed to be the largest, ongoing survey of perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding visitor-serving organizations in the United States. Aside from it’s large sample size, the study boasts two, additional unique attributes: It is representative of the U.S. market, and it is informed by a process called lexical analysis. The NAAU is not a traditional survey wherein respondents chose the most fitting answer from a list. Instead, the NAAU is a big data survey instrument that is populated using open-ended queries. Respondents tell us the answers to questions in their own words, and their answers are categorized and weighted accordingly. Lexical analysis assists in overcoming cognitive biases attendant to traditional surveys, and does not limit answers to the hypothesis of study creators. You can learn more about our data sources here. 

By tapping into the great deal of information that we are already monitoring, we can lend insight to specific organizations without their needing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to deploy their own large-scale market research tools. The workshops allow us to engage longer-term and build upon information with entities that are interested in carrying out more than one workshop, but also delivers helpful information to inform both strategies and tactics for entities interested in only one share-out cut of data that impacts their organization.


Workshop Leaders

I (Colleen) am the Chief Market Engagement Officer for IMPACTS, a global leader in predictive market intelligence and related technologies. Read my short biography here.

Jim Hekkers specializes in leveraging his extensive experience in the world of visitor-serving organizations as a consultant with leadership at nonprofit organizations with a focus on strategic planning, management, and market research. Read Jim’s short biography here. 



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