We’re seeking a self-directed professional to help us manage our projects! Does being organized give you a rush? Do you love museums and cultural organizations, and also enjoy working primarily from the comfort of your own home (in pajama pants if you’d like)?

IMPACTS Experience is looking for a Project Manager to organize and help coordinate partner interactions and inquiries as we share trend data with cultural organizations throughout North America and Europe.

We need someone who can help us coordinate scheduling processes while we’re diving into market potential for zoos, organize Zoom presentations while we’re sharing research for art museums, and help assemble PowerPoints while we’re exploring the welcoming perceptions of symphonies. In sum, we’re looking for a self-directed and detail-oriented professional to help us keep our ducks in a row while occasionally nerding out to data findings.

Interested? You can learn more here.


IMPACTS Experience provides data for the world’s leading organizations through workshops, keynote presentations, webinars, and data services such as pricing recommendations, market potential analyses, concept testing, and Awareness, Attitude, and Usage studies. Learn more.